Saturday, June 5, 2010

My new shoes!

I had to show off my new shoes! I bought these yesterday, and somehow (miraculously) they arrived today, even though I had free shipping, which is usually slow as heck! How cool is that? (And this awesome shipping was from, in case you're interested) Anyway, I have been eyeballing these shoes for months, and I can't help it: I LOVE THEM. Which means I had to own them. It was meant to be.

So I have now officially fallen in love with Seychelles shoes. They are ridiculously cute. I'm an old soul, so anything retro in appearance is automatically awesome in my book. These shoes definitely fit the bill, and I could easily find another ten pairs to love and absolutely must have or else my life would cease to matter. Unfortunately, if I spent that much on shoes, the hubs would probably bite my head off. Literally.

So for now, I'll stick with my one pair and look at them strapped to my feet gleefully.

1 comment:

  1. Those are really cute! Love when things arrive earlier than expected