Friday, August 6, 2010

It's a confession kinda day

Confessions of a nerd (enjoy!):

1. I rarely pick up coins from the ground (unless it's a quarter or something awesome like that). However, on occasion if I see a coin on the ground that's tail-side up, I'll reach down and turn it around to heads. The reason? Some people think if you find a penny, it's only lucky if you found it heads-side up. So in a way I feel like I'm giving someone else good luck, which is total karma for me.

2. I've been running with a friend and making an attempt at Couch to 5k for the fourth time. Tonight will be Week 2 Day 3, and it is KILLING me. I can't tell if it's the fact that it's been 100+ degrees the past two weeks or if I'm just totally out of shape. Blaming the heat. Totally blaming the heat.

3. I want to love running so bad, and it scares me that I might be one of "those" people who just hates it. I always hated in when I was younger, and my 10-year-old self is probably wanting to strangle me for even trying it now. But I want to be that person that feels like something is missing if I skip a run. I want to be that person that breezes through 3 miles and feels great and accomplished after.

4. I'm a total planner, especially when it comes to vacations. Whenever we're getting ready to go on a trip, a few months out I begin researching like crazy about different activities we might want to do, where to stay, where to eat, how much things will cost, etc. And I talk my husband's ear off about it all, and he just nods and smiles before turning back to Mafia Wars and tuning me out. I can't decide if it bothers me or not.

5. My office is a freaking mess. And I even have "clean desk" on today's to-do list. But instead I'm doing this. Will it get clean today? Unlikely.

6. I want to write a novel (and actually finish it and edit it and query agents with it!) so bad. I just have the worst time starting one because I have this insane fear of rejection. I need to get over that and grow some cahones, but I'm so afraid all my ideas are either too lame, too unoriginal, or too "last year" and won't stand a chance of selling.

7. I recently started horseback riding again. The first place I went to I had two lessons (one which didn't even involve me getting on a horse, talk about a waste of money!). I stopped going, because aside from the fact that it was insanely far away, it was too regimented. I recently found a new place, and I love it. Why? It's laid back, and the barn is totally filthy. Just like a barn should be.

8. I wish that when I went to college I had the guts to major in something totally cool, like archaeology. Don't get me wrong, I did do some gutsy things, like work hard to score an internship with my favorite radio show. And it was an awesome experience! But there's something insanely appealing about being outside and digging up history.

9. If you don't think I'm already weird, then read this: I keep a copy of the book Graveyards of Chicago by Matte Hucke and Ursula Bielski (who signed it) on my desk. I don't remember exactly why I brought it up to the office (to show an old co-worker maybe?), but it's been here for over a year now, and probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

10. I want to go cage diving with sharks really bad. I'm not talking one of those cages that's like half open that leaves your arm susceptible to getting ripped off (I'm not stupid), but one that's really well-enclosed so that no part of me can be eaten. I think sharks are so fascinating, even though if I saw a Great White Shark I'd probably pee myself. But it would be from more excitement than fear, I think.

Any confessions you want to share?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wake by Lisa McMann

17-year-old Janie has a secret: She gets sucked into other people's dreams. Whether she wants to or not, it doesn't matter. If someone is dreaming near her, chances are Janie is witnessing their darkest secrets: Their secret crushes on classmates, those annoying wearing-no-clothes at the big meeting dreams, the falling dreams, and the worst nightmares. She wishes she could stop this descent into other people's minds, but she just can't figure out how.

My friend Angel at An Everyday Angel recommended this book to me, and I'm so glad she did! I love the idea of falling into someone's dreams. If someone saw my dreams, what would they think? What would my dreams say about me? And likewise, what would I think about someone else whose dreams I saw?

While I wasn't the biggest fan of the writing in this book (it felt super choppy), I nevertheless really enjoyed it. About halfway through the book, I stopped briefly and thought about Janie and her friend Cabel. How would I describe them? More importantly, could I describe them based on what the writer told me about them? Much to my surprise and delight, I could. They were both incredibly well-rounded and flawed, and McMann had successfully given me all the information I needed about them without me even noticing. This is good stuff!

I currently have the next book in the series waiting for me at the library. Hopefully I'll get to it soon!